Maternity Nurse

If you are pregnant or have just had a baby or babies you are embarking on a very special journey. Becoming a parent and everything that goes with it is exciting and sometimes challenging. It is life altering and priority changing.

Ailsa was so helpful at a time when I needed it most. As a new mum, I needed advice and reassurance about things such as breastfeeding and baby’s sleeping routine. As an experienced childcarer and mother, Ailsa was able to provide this invaluable support. – Kate

A Maternity Nurse is a non medical professional carer of parents and newborns, assisting within the transitional period of the baby or babies first weeks of life.

As a Maternity Nurse my role includes:-

  • Practically and emotionally supporting the Mother and her Partner as they transition into their new role as parents.
  • Reassuring, empowering and educating the Mother however she may need it with regard to her baby or babies.
  • Signposting the family to additional support whenever appropriate or necessary.
  • Being watchful and alert, but being subtle and tactful too.
  • Listening.
  • Guiding.
  • Showing the Mother practical, hygienic and safe ways to organise and care for the baby or babies environment.
  • Taking care of the Mother, ensuring that she eats, drinks and rests.
  • Helping to instigate the beginnings of structure and routine within the general timeframe of the day and/or night, adapting to the needs of the individual family and their lifestyle.
  • Standing back and encouraging the Mother to do more as her confidence progresses, until I am no longer needed.

It is a relatively short term arrangement, but can make a huge difference to those first precious weeks/months.

I work in Wokingham, Bracknell, Reading, Woodley, Crowthorne, Twyford, Ascot, Sandhurst, Yateley, Finchampstead, Winnersh, Earley and other parts of Berkshire and Surrey.


£15-20 per hour (depending upon the situation)

£5 supplement to cover fuel costs for journeys of 30 minutes or more

In cases of dire need, please contact me, as I am willing to negotiate my prices in order to reach parents who would really benefit from some help.